When the days get shorter and shorter and it gets colder and colder outside, there's no denying it: winter is here! Many babywearing parents, whether they have very small babies or larger ones, are often faced with the question: Can I carry my child at all in winter?

There is a very clear answer to this question: Of course! With a few little tips and tricks, carrying your baby in winter is no problem at all!

Much more: carrying is especially recommended in winter! While your baby cools down very quickly in a pram or baby car seat, it is in a permanent heat exchange with you when carried on your body, snuggled up close to you and optimally protected from the cold.

The DRK (German Red Cross) also advises carrying babies on your body in winter.

Source: https://bit.ly/2Lo2x4j

We have summarised the most important carrying tips for winter for you:

- How to carry in winter: especially small babies should be carried on your body and underneath your jacket or coat. Keep in mind that you should not dress too thickly either, as thick clothing makes it difficult to tighten slings and baby carriers. We recommend our KOKADI Baby Carrier Cover: https: //bit.ly/2FhtGXx

This is put on quickly and easily over the baby carrier or sling with the help of buttons. Once adjusted, you can put it on as easily as a sweater. There is no need for an extra carrying jacket, you can continue to wear your regular winter jacket comfortably.

- Clothing for the baby: Don't dress your baby too warmly and make sure that your baby's clothing continues to allow a good squatting position. Also remember that the sling or baby carrier is an additional layer of clothing on your baby's torso.

All parts of the body that are outside the carrier must be additionally protected from the cold. Thick socks or carrying boots for the little feet and carrying cuffs for the little legs are recommended here. In our OnlineShop you will find a large selection of cuddly carrying cuffs in stylish KOKADI designs: https://bit.ly/2Olb092

You should also pay attention to the headgear! If your child is already carried on the back and the little cap is not tolerated by the carrier, a scarf cap is recommended!

- Air supply: When carrying, it is generally always important to ensure that there is sufficient air supply! Make sure that your baby does not "disappear" into the sling, baby carrier or jacket. Your baby's nose should always be free and he should be able to turn his face as needed. If possible, do not wear a thick scarf that could unintentionally restrict your baby's air supply. Resort to a babywearing scarf, light scarves or turtleneck tops!

- Protect baby 's skin: The delicate skin on your child's face is much thinner than that of an adult. That's why it's especially important to protect it from drying out in winter with a W/O-based wind and weather cream!

- Snow and ski suits: Padded, commercially available snow and ski suits are completely unsuitable when worn! Wearing them close to the body compresses the heat-retaining chambers of the suit and the warming effect is lost. There is a risk of cooling down! In addition, it is hardly possible to fit your baby ergonomically. Woolen whale suits are therefore better suited for beginners.

We wish you cuddly carrying hours and a wonderful winter time!

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