First things first:

Avoid direct sunlight at midday. It's not for nothing that many southern countries have a siesta: the time around midday is for resting, recharging your batteries and cooling down. It is best to stay in the shade or indoors.

Make sure your baby gets enough fluids: feed him or her as needed and when there are signs of hunger (often it is simply thirst).

Clothing should be light: a light cotton shirt with long sleeves and airy pants are perfectly adequate for sun protection. If the trousers pull up when worn, put a light scarf (our recommendation: KOKADI KuschelTuch) over your baby or put on light cuffs.

Always make sure your baby wears headgear. A light cotton hat in light colours is ideal!

If you have a KOKADI Flip Performance:

Use the mesh head support instead of the cotton hat. To ventilate the back, flip up the back flap and fasten it with the Velcro.

You can easily check if your child is still too warm: If the neck is still very hot and sweaty, you can also rinse the little feet with lukewarm water. Make sure that the water is not cold, but only lukewarm. Test the temperature of the water with your elbow. This way your baby can continue to sleep in peace and enjoy the closeness to you to the full.