KOKADI Insights & FAQ

Here you will find answers to the most frequently asked questions of our customers and insights to important terms, around carrying with an KOKADI Baby Carrier.

Squat spread posture

In the spread-squat position, the baby's back is slightly rounded, his legs are squat and his knees are above his belly button. Babies often assume this position on their own, for example, when they are placed on their stomach or picked up.

Our Baby Carriers are designed so that your baby can be nicely tucked into the soft fabric of the back. This guarantees the ergonomically correct squat-squat posture.

The KOKADI Addbag is a small pocket that can be easily attached by loop to each Baby Carrier can be attached. It is perfect for storing keys, smartphone and co.

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Our KOKADI Baby Carriers are available in three different sizes. For the smallest we have the size Babysize in the range, this is suitable from birth (3.5 kg) to 18 months.

Babies should be carried in the baby size, especially by newcomers to baby carriers.

The KOKADI Baby Blanket is a unique product in the world. No other blanket is woven in four layers. The cuddly soft blankets are breathable and heat regulating at the same time. Whether as a blanket, cuddle blanket, crawl blanket, cover blanket for car and stroller or play blanket beyond the baby time -. KOKADI Baby blankets accompany your baby for a lifetime.
Due to the four-layer weave, air can accumulate in the chamber between the layers. Thus, the blankets warm in winter and cool in summer.
Another unique feature: your scent is stored in the chambers and then released back to your baby when cuddling. So it also feels outside the Baby Carrier wonderfully secure.

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Cotton is a natural fiber. The cotton fiber is spun into threads and yarns. Our cotton is organic cotton, which is harvested by hand.

The bag always has a different design than the purchased product. The bag is for storage and intentionally has a different design so that you can enjoy different KOKADI designs.

To help you create your KOKADI Baby Carrier or your KOKADI baby sling correctly and thus to carry your baby ergonomically correct, we have filmed tutorials. You can find them on our YouTube channel. Also here on our HomePage you will find all the info you need to get your KOKADI baby correctly.

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We from KOKADI take our responsibility towards our environment seriously. That is why our cotton is organically produced cotton. It is picked by hand. Since we work only on organic fields, the extraction is pesticide and herbicide free and provides healthy conditions for the workers in the field, without disease-causing substances.

With a Blitz Preorder, we already have the fabric there and sew what you want! This has the advantage that you can safely order your desired baby carrier in the right size. This usually takes 2 weeks from order to delivery.

With the original KOKADI Bonding Shirts you can snuggle your baby directly against your skin right after birth. This lovingly strengthens your baby's basic trust. For a strong bond right from the start.

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KOKADI Classics, in contrast to the KOKADI limited editions are constantly reproduced.

The Ceyda Joker is something very special. In our Facebook KOKADI Official Fanclub it is possible to wish for designs. If the Ceyda Joker appears as a comment on a desired design, this design will be produced in a limited edition. However, Ceyda Joker does not mean that it will be adopted one-to-one. KOKADI can still make changes here, also the colors and the material composition is determined by KOKADI chosen. It is tried to respond to name requests, but this is not always possible.

The cashmere yarns are obtained directly in Turkey not far from our weaving mill from domestic "keşmir" goats. The farm from which we obtain the yarns pays attention to species-appropriate husbandry. Hair is combed out and not plucked. There are long periods between batches. We do not use machine sheared, but hand combed cashmere wool.

By the way, the Cashmere wool is so special because it is the undercoat of the goat; which is much finer than the upper coat. There are only about 50 - 150 grams per goat that we can obtain. This is also the reason why the percentage of wool in our products is low, unlike other textile manufacturers: we want to combine sustainability with fashion consciousness.

At Creator Designs you will find all the products designed by influencers, actors and celebrities themselves.Dive into the world of exlusive KOKADI designs, and get you and your baby beautiful artist pieces home!

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A Draw is a drawing for the right to purchase a limited product. If a draw form is posted via our social channels, you can enter for your desired product. With a bit of luck, you will receive an order confirmation for your desired product via email after the draw has expired.

The shoulder straps and hip belt are thick and softly padded with foam and offer a high level of comfort thanks to the infinite adjustability. The waist belt can be closed and opened with the buckle.

KOKADI offers yet another variant of the Baby Carrier Flip offered: The Flip Performance Air. This is made with special mesh fabric on the shoulder and hip straps. It also provides an opening at the back of the child. This can be opened via a zipper.

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With a full buckle carrier, such as the KOKADI FlipBoth the hip belt and the shoulder straps can be closed and opened by buckles (buckles).

The special KOKADI is our constantly growing community. Because KOKADI is a way of life! Especially our Facebook page gives our fans the opportunity to find out about the latest releases and products. In addition, you can get in touch with the KOKADI family and get inspired by numerous postings. And best of all - we regularly prepare specials for our fans. In addition to sweepstakes, discount promotions are also published there. And since KOKADI now delivers to more than 40 countries, we naturally also have an International KOKADI page.

For those for whom that is not enough, there are official KOKADI groups, such as the "KOKADI Official Fanclub" for an intensive exchange with other "cocadins" or the "KOKADI Fans Swap & Sell" group where you can find rare collection pieces.

The KOKADI Sweepstakes will be posted on our social channels. In Facebook on our KOKADI Facebook page or the official Facebook Fanclub page, or/and on our Instagram and Telegram channel. The conditions of participation are explained in detail in each post and there are great surprises waiting for you. It's worth participating.


During the order process you can enter the voucher code in the appropriate field or select the already stored voucher.

Unlike a Full Buckle Baby Carrierbuckle, a half buckle such as the KOKADI TaiTai can only be closed and opened at the waist belt by buckles (buckle). The shoulder straps are tied.

Hemp belongs to the hemp family and is a natural fiber. The hemp fibers are obtained from hemp and spun into threads. They are extremely tear-resistant and usually more durable than cotton.

The jacquard weaving technique is an elaborate weaving technique used to create beautiful patterns in the Baby Carrier- and cuddly products can be woven. This is done with a special mechanical jacquard loom. There are almost no limits to the imagination here. The fabric is diagonal-moving and thus fits perfectly to the baby's back.

"At KOKADI we combine fashion with an environmentally conscious lifestyle! We use only the best organic raw materials. These are fairly traded and are made in the EU to our popular Baby Carriers and Baby Wraps confectioned. We revolutionize the Baby Carrier-market with our stylish, colorful and fashionable designs! This is our recipe for success, which has made us the most popular specialist for ecological Baby Carriers and Baby Wraps fashion." Ceyda Temur (CEO & Founder)

The moms and dads who wear your babies are very special to us.
They carry their children out into the world.
They love and cherish their KOKADI stretchers and share the joy we have with our products.
That is why we call them from KOKADI also KOKADInen, because they are a part of us.

The special feature of KOKADI is the weekly release of a new Limited Edition. It is important to us to offer our customers a wide variety of different designs, in order to respond to current trends and the wishes of our community. That's why we release every week a new variant of our beloved KOKADI designs.

How do I find out about the release?

Through our social media channels on Facebook and/or Instagram and Telegram. We usually publish these teasers for the upcoming limited edition releases one day before or on the same day.

Is it possible to pre-order a product from the Limited Edition?

No, unfortunately we don't offer this service unless it's a pre-order or you have a pre-purchase right through a SFP (see SFP/Stalking Free Pass).

How do I know the edition of the Limited Edition?

Our special models are strictly limited editions. These are produced in small numbers. We do not disclose an exact number of pieces.

Can I design my own model?

It is possible in principle, please contact us directly for more information: mail@KOKADI.de

Linen or flax is a natural fiber, which is obtained in a complex process. Linen has a very smooth, shiny surface. Because there is no air trapped between the fibers, there is almost no pilling. Another plus is that linen is not very susceptible to dirt and bacteria. Due to its air-balancing property, it has a cooling effect - an advantage in summer.

We offer a one-time twin discount for twin parents on the 2nd baby carrier or 2nd child carrier. Baby Wrap from our standard assortment in the amount of 30 percent. For this we need the birth certificate of the children or the corresponding pages from the maternity passport. Please use our Konatkformular if you are interested.

Modal fibers are fibers made from beech wood. They are wonderfully soft, have a high moisture absorption (subject sweating) and dry quickly. The beech trees for our modal fibers come mainly from Austrian forests. The fibers themselves are produced in an environmentally friendly way.

This Baby Carrier comes without a waist belt. The back panel is sewn to the shoulder straps. The peculiarity of the Onbus is that its back panel is hourglass-shaped cut and thus virtually a bar is integrated. This takes into account the length of the child's back. The longer the child's body, the wider the bar. This means that the Onbu The length of the child's body automatically adjusts the bar. This allows the child to assume the ergonomically correct squat-splay posture when being carried. This Baby Carrier is particularly suitable for carrying parents with sensitive abdomens or pregnant women. This Baby Carrier should only be used from late sitting or walking age.

To the onbus

With a Pre-Order, short PO, you can order certain products of a limited, but not yet produced design bindingly in advance. The period of the order possibility is limited. The payment term is 7 days from the date of order. The delivery time of a pre-order is 5 months. Please note that Pre-Order products are excluded from discount and voucher redemption.

For pre-order products, slight color variations are possible between the product graphics or photos created for preview purposes and the final produced product.

New innovations, such as the development of new Baby CarriersThe development of new products, such as the development of new, ergonomic fittings, is agreed upon in cooperation with the Trageschule Hamburg (Hamburg Carrying School). No compromises are made in the aspect of safety, either in product development or in production itself.

One of the most important things for us are current fashion trends and our special designs. That is why we also release weekly a new KOKADI design every week. Curious? Then subscribe to our social channels Facebook, Instagram and Telegram. Please note that release products are excluded from discount and voucher redemption for 7 days from the date of release.

The KOKADI RingSling is particularly easy to use. The 190 cm long cloth must be threaded through the rings and is then already ready for use.

You can find our RingSlings here.

Silk is a very fine natural animal fiber. It is obtained from the cocoon of the silkworm by unwinding the thread that the silkworm wraps around itself when it pupates. The yarn is obtained from a large number of these threads. As a result, silk is very tear-resistant and has an insulating effect against cold, but also against heat.

The KOKADI Stalking Free Pass (SFP) allows you to secure a coveted product before anyone else. It represents a right of first refusal. You have the chance to win a SFP, for example, by participating in one of our competitions.

  • Pre-emptive rights are only granted to employees of KOKADI a transfer of the right of first refusal is not possible.
  • Pre-emptive rights are valid for 3 months from the date of issue.
  • Pre-emptive rights can be purchased before each release in the KOKADI Store, unless it is explicitly stated that the use of a right of first refusal is not possible.
  • The right of first refusal can only be applied to products of the company KOKADI be applied.
  • Only preemption rights directed via the contact form "How can I redeem a SFP" will be considered. Unfortunately, other applications cannot be considered.
  • The order confirmation and payment request will be sent before release.
  • The payment term for SFP orders is 7 days after receipt of the order confirmation.
  • After using the right of first refusal expires.
  • If, contrary to expectations, a product is not in stock or the product is canceled, the right of first refusal can be used again after prior consultation.
  • If the order is canceled or returned due to the customer, then the right of first refusal remains expired and is not released again.

The web width is the back part that is attached to the hip belt. The adjustment of the web width is done by the Velcro.

It is particularly important to adjust the bar before putting on the Baby Carrier adjust it! It should always go approximately from the back of the knee to the back of your baby's knee.

The special thing about the KOKADI TaiTai are the tied or knotted shoulder straps, which can be crossed in front of the stomach or on the back when worn. The hip belt can be used in the same way as the Baby Carrier Flip can be opened and closed with a buckle.

To our TaiTai Baby Carriers

Our KOKADI Baby Carriers comes in three different sizes.

The size Toddler/Toddler can be used for children from about 8 months to about 2 years.

You are not quite sure yet which Baby Carrier you want?

Of course we offer a free babywearing consultation.

To the babywearing consultation
1. are the carriers safe?

Yes, our carriers are unique in workmanship and undergo strict quality controls. 2. how do I close the buckles on the waist belt correctly?

Pass the buckle under the safety rubber and connect it with the counterpart of the buckle. Make sure that there is no pressure or weight on the safety rubber. Otherwise the material will wear out. In addition, the safety rubber is only intended to serve as a spare holder in the event that the buckle comes undone. Therefore, additional pressure on the rubber, as long as it is not used, is not recommended.

  • What should I look for when buying a good sling?
    There are several criteria for a good Baby Wrap. The fabric should be woven diagonally elastic. The edges of the cloth are double stitched around to provide good stability for the head. The raw materials used must be free of harmful substances, saliva and sweat resistant. It helps when tying if the cloth has a mark in the middle. Also, beveled ends make it easier to tie the knot.
  • My husband also wants to wear, what size cloth is suitable?
    Again, the length of the scarf depends on your height and clothing size. If you are unsure, you can take one size larger for your husband.
  • Is there a sling of each cloth?
    No, slings are only available from certain models.
  • Where are KOKADI Baby Wraps manufactured?
    Our Baby Wraps are produced just like all other KOKADI products are manufactured in Europe under the greatest quality and safety controls.
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You can get a right of first refusal through our Stalking Free Pass (SFP). To learn more, please scroll down to SFP or visit our contact form.

KOKADI Baby Carriers are suitable for all wearers. For the slightly larger ones we offer different extensions for our Baby Carriers sling. The extensions of chest, hip and shoulder straps provide optimal wearing comfort for every body size. You can find our extensions here:

Extensions for Baby Carriers

The KOKADI Baby Carrier WrapStar is a specially designed KOKADI developed variation of the classic WrapConversion. The straps are made of sling fabric and can be used (like the WrapTai) can be fanned out. The waist belt is like the KOKADI Baby Carriers TaiTai and Flip made of viscoelastic foam, which can be closed with a three-point safety buckle and serves as the first Baby Carrier on the market a WrapConversion with adjustable waist belt. You can find our WrapStars here:

To the WrapStar Baby Carriers

Our KOKADI Baby Carriers are available in three different sizes. For the oldest we have the size XL in the range, this can be used for children from 2 - 3 years.

For special children we produce on request as soon as our KOKADI XL stretchers should no longer fit, we produce individual stretchers with the dimensions with which parents can continue to carry their little treasure. This way, special children can also be carried, even if they are perhaps older. The request for a custom-made XXL Baby Carrier is made via our contact form Within 3 - 4 weeks an individual Baby Carrier from the desired Classic assortment can be produced at the normal retail price without surcharge.

We offer a one-time twin discount for twin parents on the 2nd baby carrier or the 2nd baby sling. Baby Wrap from our standard assortment in the amount of 30 percent. For this we need the birth certificate of the children or the corresponding pages from the maternity passport. Please use our contact form if you are interested.

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