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Carrying your baby is practical, strengthens your parent-child bond and promotes your child's development. The best baby carrier for you and your newborn baby is just good enough for you? Then you have the right choice in our online store. KOKADI baby carriers were developed together with doctors, midwives and babywearing consultants for the benefit of parents and babies. All KOKADI baby carriers are handmade in the best organic quality in the EU. The jacquard woven fabrics made from 100% organic materials feel incomparably good. Our focus on ergonomics, sustainability and design has won many awards. The best thing is to see for yourself the KOKADI quality and our extra cuddle factor. If you are new to babywearing, we are happy to help you find the perfect baby carrier.
Simple like a backpack (front & back)

The most popular baby carrier. Fast, practical & comfortable. This
Full buckle carrier combines a buckle system with sling fabric for ideal adaptability to your baby.

To the Flip baby carriers
Flexible and Customizable

The flexible baby carrier fits every body shape and is suitable for beginners. The padded shoulder straps of the baby carrier can be tied and are infinitely adjustable to the body size.

To the TaiTai baby carriers
The combination of sling and baby carrier

The wearing comfort of a sling with the easy handling of a
baby carrier. This baby carrier offers full flexibility and maximum comfort thanks to the sling straps that can be fanned out.

To the WrapStars
Backpack without hip belt

The pure back carrier for children from sitting age. Set once
and then always just put it on like a backpack. This baby carrier is particularly recommended for pregnant women.

To the Onbu baby carriers
The mother of all baby carriers

Baby slings are tied and used by mothers around the world for centuries. Baby slings are suitable for newborns, larger babies and toddlers.

To the slings
sling without tying

Fast to the bakery? It doesn't matter whether it's a few kilograms or a small child, whether the parents are big or small, heavy or light. The ring sling always fits. Great if your toddler wants in, out, in, out ;)

To the ring sling

KOKADI - the brand with a full range: Always the right baby carrier for sure!

✓ 100% organic materials
✓ Ideal ergonomics
✓ Growing with you

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Experience certified wearing quality.

6 baby carrier systems developed for parents and child!&nbsp&nbspHundreds of designs!&nbsp&nbspThe right baby carrier for everyone!

You carry your baby so quickly and easily!


If you know the difference, you won't want to be without it again!

We're the pioneer the ergonomic baby carriers worldwide have been combining the advantages of sling fabric with the practical benefits a finished belly stretcher.

Trust the pioneer of the baby carrier scene and enjoy the precious baby time with a premium baby carrier!

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