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Recommendation: The KOKADI Detergent

For the optimal care of the hand-woven fabrics and for the ideal preservation of the colors, we have developed the world's first detergent especially for Baby Carriers specially developed detergent. The particularly environmentally friendly detergent is explicitly designed for the effective and at the same time gentle cleaning of the fabrics used in our Baby Carriers used in our jacquard fabrics.

To KOKADI Detergent

May I use my Baby Wrap or my Baby Carrier wash?

Of course. Just always take care of the most sensitive fiber, such as silk. Also, use a detergent that does not contain bleach or brighteners. Products with viscose should also be washed with enzyme-free detergent.

By the way: Did you know that KOKADI has had all its products pre-washed since the company was founded? Not for nothing are our KOKADI stretchers and Baby Wraps are so cuddly and super soft! An investment that we are happy to offer you as a free service - so you save the often crucial first wash. The fibers swell, become soft, bond and thus offer optimal protection. So you can strap on your new favorite product right after unpacking and discover the world heart to heart with your little treasure.

Must my KOKADI in a laundry bag?

No, the products can go into the laundry drum as they are. On the contrary, if a Baby Wrap is washed in a pillowcase, there is increased friction between the two fabrics.

How to wash my RingSling?

With RingSlings, it is recommended to protect the rings with a sock. This way, the aluminum rings do not scratch the laundry drum and there are no unsightly scratches.

Can I wash my KOKADI can I wash my carrier in the washing machine?

Due to the processed foam, we do not recommend washing in the washing machine. The foam is specially produced for our products: it returns to its original shape after use. Washing it too warm will not ensure this function over time. We recommend hand washing with sensitive detergent.

Why shines my KOKADI with bamboo no longer shines after washing? What can I do?

So that your KOKADI with bamboo shines beautifully again, we recommend moderately warm ironing. The bamboo fiber swells like any other fiber during the washing process. Ironing smoothes the surface and the silky sheen comes back.

Can my KOKADI with silk in the dryer?

No, as with clothing with silk, the dryer does not do the fiber any good. It is best to let your silk product dry lying down. Make sure that there is no direct sunlight.

My KOKADI has signs of wear. How do I get rid of it?

If your KOKADI doesn't look quite so new after wild adventures with your baby, you can remove any pilling with a lint razor and regain the original shine with moderately warm ironing.

My product has a thread pull. What can I do?

Don't panic. Most of the time, it only takes a few simple steps to fix your Baby Carrier back into order. First, try to carefully pull the thread back into the fabric diagonally in all directions. Now you can carefully pull the remaining thread into the fabric with a small needle. Thread pullers also go back easily during washing: the fiber swells and the threads pull back to their original place.

The fabric shifts. Is my Baby Wrap really still safe?

Yes, in most cases it is only an optical flaw. However, it is important for you to know that the cloth has become thinner at this point and is therefore more susceptible to further damage. In order to prevent or minimize displacement, we recommend, despite pre-washing, that you use the Baby Wrap wash before first use, so that the fibers can swell. With thinner fabrics, it is often punctual stresses that cause shifts in the fabric. Rewashing can also help with already existing displacements.

How does my KOKADI stable in shape?

With woven fabric, it's perfectly okay for it to shrink about 5 to 10 percent, it depends a lot on the weave and the material. You can then use your KOKADI simply iron it and pull it during the ironing process to get it back to its old shape. If your KOKADI is still wet, you can also very gently pull it long and let it dry on the line.

How do I wash my KOKADI baby blankets and cuddle cloths?

You can wash your KOKADI baby blankets and cuddly blankets without any problems at 30 ° in the gentle cycle of your washing machine with low spin speed. Use detergents without enzymes and bleach and do not use fabric softener. In order to avoid additional friction between the fabrics, wash your baby blankets and cuddly blankets separately if possible and not in a pillowcase. After washing, you can gently pull your blanket into shape and let it dry lying down. KOKADI Baby blankets and cuddly blankets are not suitable for tumble drying.

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